Debris Net Install for Larger Set of Works

Project Description
Scope of Work: Netting Install in a City of London Location

Mode of Access: Abseil
Location: Central London
Team Size: 5
Duration: September 2017

This is the first phase of a much larger refurbishment project on a large office premises in Central London. GG Abseil were contacted by a large building maintenance contractor who are to be completing refurbishment works to the sloped glazing face. Following on from initial site survey by one of our trained IRATA rope access technicians, the scope of worked were determined along with the quanitiy of netting required to cover the area below. During the site survey full access and tie-off points were determined in preparation to site mobilisation.

Working out of hours to avoid major disruptions, two of our rope access technicians descended and set up anchorage points for the netting to be installed to. Once the netting points were ascertained, three further IRATA trained technicians then lowered the safety netting down which was then securely installed. Once the netting was securely installed and tested, the next phase of maintenance work can now begin safely without the risk of debris falling during the building maintenance works.

Working with local authorities to make sure that there was little to no disturbance of normal business during the works, the safety netting was installed to the client time-frameOnce the maintenance works are complete, our rope access technicians will revisit site and remove the netting to complete the works.