Defective High Level Glazing Unit Inspection

GG Abseil have recently been contacted by a client in Central London to complete a site survey of a defective high level glazing unit.

At the first instance, we met with the client to discuss the possible options. To fully understand the extent of the problem, a site survey was conducted, which gave us the information required to inform the client of the full extent of the works to be carried out in order to bring the glass back up to standard.

To carry out the survey, we utilised our team of IRATA trained abseil technicians. In doing so we were able to identify the necessary works quickly and easily to ensure the client had could make an upfront decision.

The replacement works will require a contract lift in combination with a powered suction lifter and secondary strapping device/manipulator due to the size and height of the glass to be replaced. A combination of 4 external and 2 internal IRATA trained abseil technicians will be utilised to complete the works.