GG Abseil Rappel Down Cardiff Highrise Building

Over the weekend, the GG Abseil IRATA trained technicians completed a series of high level glass replacements on a City Centre Highrise set of flats in Cardiff, Wales.

Due to the difficult access on this job, the GG Abseil team were needed to ensure safety and delivery of the project for the client was on time. The abseilers descended on the outside of the building whilst two of our glaziers from our sister company, Glazing Refurbishments, were on the inside of the building with the new glass replacements.

The Abseilers lowered themselves down to the correct window, and worked with the two internal technicians who were on the inside of the building with the new glass. The Abseilers first removed the glass safely which allowed the internal glazing team to install the glass replacement. After this, the Abseil Technicians made sure the Glass had been installed corrected, and finished by cleaning the site ready for the client.

The glass for this project was procured from another sister company, Cambs Glass Processing. The GG Abseil team worked closely with the relevant authorities to ensure safety to passers by below, as well as minimising disruption to the general public.