GG Abseil Teams Up With Glazing Refurbishment

Project Description

Scope of Work: Multiple High Level Glass Replacements in London

Mode of Access: IRATA trained abseil technicians using rope access
Location: London
Team Size: 4
Duration: September 2017

Our specialist IRATA trained abseil technicians teamed up with our sister company Glazing Refurbishments Ltd to complete multiple high level glass replacements in a central London location for a global client.
At the initial stage of this project, Glazing Refurbishments were contacted by the client to conduct a site survey to establish how many panels of glass needed replacing. At this point, they contacted us to acquire the services of our highly experienced surveyors, who identified a number of panels which needed replacing spanning from the 1st to the 6th floor of the building.

This full scale glazing survey was followed by a report and a proposal in order to bring the glass back up to standard. During the works, our IRATA trained technicians first placed a safety film over the old glass due to the fragile nature of plate glass. The glass was then carefully and safely removed, before the framework was cleaned and prepared. For the installation of the new glass, the GG Abseil team had an internally based technician to help with the manoeuvring of the new panels.

By utilising a Rope Access team, we were able to complete the works with minimum disruption to the busy London streets, as well as reducing costs and the timescale of the project as no scaffolding was required.

There are many advantages to using Abseil Technicians to inspect glazing at high levels. Working in a team of four, our IRATA trained abseil technicians were able to complete the inspection in a single working day with no disruption to the client’s normal working day, nor to the street below.

This type of access also immensely reduces costs because there is no need to erect any scaffolding. Not needing to erect scaffolding can be incredibly useful, especially when the glass that needs inspecting is at height