Project Description
Scope of Work: Replacement of Glazed Unit
Mode of Access: Rope Access, Lift Shaft, Glazing Stillage, Counter-balanced floor crane
Location: Central London
Team Size: 9
Duration: 1 Shift

GG Abseil’s IRATA trained abseil team conduct glass replacements utilising central lift shaft as access route to central London tower block.

In order to conduct these works, our site team utilised a counter-balanced floor crane and suction lifter which was positioned on the floor above the glass replacements. In order to conduct this operation, we required a lift engineer to aide with the operation as the lift needed disabling so the lift shaft could be used as the access route for transporting the glass onto the necessary floor.

Utilising a suction lifter connected to the counter-balanced floor crane, our team manoeuvred the glazing from ground floor, through the lift shaft, and up to the required floor. Whilst the glass unit was being transported through the lift shaft, our IRATA trained Rope Access Technicians supported the unit as shown in our site pictures.

Once the glass was transported to the required floor, our operatives then proceeded to move the glass to the defective unit and conduct the replacement operation.