Holiday Park Dome Refurbishment

Project Description

Scope of Work: Overhead Glazed Dome Refurbishment
Mode of Access: IRATA Trained Abseil Team
Location: Cumbria
Team Size: 12
Duration: 16 Weeks

GG Abseil Services complete phased refurbishment works to large centrally glazed overhead dome units for a nationwide Holiday Park client.
As part of our overall package, we completed a sample bay of works showing the client our safe method of work and the installation of upgraded components.
With the sample bay passing the rigorous testing required by the client, our team moved onto repeat the process for the whole structure.
Utilising our vast experience in commercial glazing and our IRATA trained rope access technicians enable us to complete the works of upgrading the system components to programme and on budget.

Sixth Floor Glass Replacement

Project Description

Scope of Work: 6th Floor Abseil Glass Replacement
Mode of Access: Rope Access, Internal Team
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Team Size: 5
Duration: 1 Shift

GG Abseil Services Northern based team completed 6th floor glass unit replacement to a high-rise office block located in central Edinburgh.

Due to the sites location and height, reaching the damaged unit required the use of an abseil team. We provided a team of IRATA trained abseilers and internal glazing operatives to conduct the required high level glass unit replacement. After initial site survey, our operatives decided to conduct the operation out of hours to reduce disruption to the building’s occupants.

After removing the damaged glazed unit, our team then cleaned the aperture ready for the installation of the replacement unit. Our team safely conducted the installation of the new unit before clean down and handover back to the client.

Glass Replacement via Lift Shaft

Project Description

Scope of Work: Replacement of Glazed Unit
Mode of Access: Rope Access, Lift Shaft, Glazing Stillage, Counter-balanced floor crane
Location: Central London
Team Size: 9
Duration: 1 Shift

GG Abseil’s IRATA trained abseil team conduct glass replacements utilising central lift shaft as access route to central London tower block.

In order to conduct these works, our site team utilised a counter-balanced floor crane and suction lifter which was positioned on the floor above the glass replacements. In order to conduct this operation, we required a lift engineer to aide with the operation as the lift needed disabling so the lift shaft could be used as the access route for transporting the glass onto the necessary floor.

Utilising a suction lifter connected to the counter-balanced floor crane, our team manoeuvred the glazing from ground floor, through the lift shaft, and up to the required floor. Whilst the glass unit was being transported through the lift shaft, our IRATA trained Rope Access Technicians supported the unit as shown in our site pictures.

Once the glass was transported to the required floor, our operatives then proceeded to move the glass to the defective unit and conduct the replacement operation.

Difficult Access Glass Replacements

Project Description

Working alongside our Commercial Glazing Specialists Division, Glazing Refurbishment, we have successfully undertaken the replacement of numerous high level and difficult to access glazing units to a commercial property located in Birmingham.f

Due to the difficult access requirements, we were called upon to utilise our rope access skills.

GR provided the necessary internal glazing technicians to aid with the removal of the damaged units and installation of new. Outside, our IRATA trained abseil technicians were on hand to guide the damaged unit out of the aperture and the replacement into the opening.

As a result of the difficult access, GR’s projects team planned the works in advanced, liaising with the local council to ensure the necessary road closures were in place. Opting for the removal and installation works to take place over the weekend meant the office occupants were not disturbed and the traffic management was easier to manage.

Glazing Refurbs projects team sourced a lorry mounted crane to manoeuvre the glazing units from ground level to the necessary floors.

Our accompanying site images shows the view from street level the glass change in progress.

If you have any difficult access glazing repairs or replacements works, large or small, please contact our sales department on 0203 8134 669 or email GG Abseil Services

Glazed Canopy Replacement

Project Description

Scope of Work: Replacement Of Glazed Canopy
Mode Of Access: Abseil, Specialist Crane with Suction Lifting Equipment
Location: Central London
Team Size: 8
Duration: 1 Weekend Shift

GG Abseil Services team completed the replacement of a damaged bespoke glazing panel to the entrance canopy of this London shopping centre.

Prior to works commencing our procurement team sourced a bespoke panel to match the existing shape and makeup of the panel which needed replacing.

To conduct the glass change we utilised a combination of specialist crane and suction lifting equipment, alongside our rope trained technicians.

The existing defective panel was removed and the new installed for a happy client all before the shopping centre opened its doors for weekend trading.

Waterloo Train Station

Project Description

Scope of Work: Glazing Demolition Works
Mode of Access: Abseil, MEWP, City Mobile Crane
Location: Central London
Team Size: 10
Duration: 12 Weeks

Working for a large main contractor, GG Abseil Services conducted the required controlled removal of multiple glazed concourses to one of London’s busiest train stations.

Conducting the multiple glass removals, our rope access operatives commenced with the removal of the bracing tie rods and transported down to ground level for disposal. Utilising the city crane, our operatives connected the suction lifter to the external face of the glazing and removed the required glazing panels.

These removal works are the starting part of the first phase of a multi-million-pound refurbishment project to the station.

Central London Glass Change

Project Description

Scope of Work: Replacement of Large Overhead Glazed Unit
Mode of Access: Rope Access, Crane with Suction Lifter, Roof Access Ladder System, Road Closure
Location: Central London
Team Size: 9
Duration: 1 Shift

A prime office location in central London contacted us requiring a large overhead glass unit to be replaced. The office location resulted in a combination of access methods to be used to reach to the damaged unit. Due to the site’s height, the projects team utilised a mobile tower crane with suction lifter to manoeuvre the damaged unit out of the opening and the new unit into place.

Opal House

Project Description

Scope of Work: 10h Floor Glass Replacement
Mode of Access: Abseil
Location: Birmingham
Team Size: 6
Duration: 1 Shift

As a result of the high level and difficult to access location, our client required a glazing abseil team to conduct the DGU replacement.

To commence with the works our IRATA trained operatives removed the damaged unit and passed through to our operatives inside the building. After removing the damaged unit, our team cleaned the aperture and prepped the opening ready for the new unit to be installed.

After successful the installation of the new unit, our team completed the works with the installation of weather seals and clean down of the new unit.

Rent-A-Car Egham

Project Description

Scope of Work: Emergency Atria Make Safe
Mode of Access: Rope Access
Location: Egham, Surrey
Team Size: 3
Duration: 1 Shift

Our commercial client contacted GG Abseil requiring an abseil team to conduct emergency make safe works to one overhead glass unit, situated within a glass atrium at their building located in Surrey.

The team started with the safe removal of the existing shattered pane for off-site disposal. Once the existing shattered pane was removed and the cleaning out of the glazing rebate was complete, the team then installed a polycarbonate panel to create a weather proofed system. Our procurement team will now source a unit to match the glass specification and revisit site in the near future to install the new glazed unit, again via abseil.