City Centre High Level Glass Replacement

GG Abseil Services have recently completed a High Level Glass Replacement for a client in Central London.

Due to the size of the glazing unit that needed replacing, we utilised a crane in order to lift the unit up to the open aperture.

A team of two IRATA trained abseil technicians then guided the glass carefully into the aperture whilst being assisted by two internal operatives.

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Emergency Glass Make Safe

Following the enquiry and subsequent site visit and survey from a Technology client in Surrey, our IRATA trained Abseil Technicians have recently completed an Emergency Make Safe to a high level glazed unit.

The works included the controlled removal of fractured external frame on a high rise building to minimise the possibility of the damaged glass falling dangerously, potentially causing harm to people or vehicles below. In order to do this safely, the area below was first made safe so that work could commence. A film was then placed over the glass to stop any fragments of glass from coming off during the controlled removal.

A team of IRATA Level 3 trained abseilers descended to make it safe from from outside, whilst internal operatives assisted from the inside. Once the film was placed, the abseil team could then safely remove the glass and lower it to the ground below for safe disposal.

If you have any glazing repair or replacement works, large or small, please contact our sales department on 0203 8134 669 or email

Bespoke Glass Replacement

We have recently taken on a bespoke large scale project for a client in central London. This is the removal and replacement of 6No defective double glazing units on the external façade of the building.

The glass in question has a specialist frit detail which meant that the external façade of the building has a specific aesthetic look. As such, the client had a vested interested in ensuring there was continuity in the building’s look once the 6 units had been replaced. By utilising our extensive network of European glass manufacturers, we were able to procure the bespoke glass for the project and ensure there is no change to building’s external façade.

In the initial stages, our team of IRATA trained abseil technicians made their way down the external face of the building to assess the defective glass and prepare the building for the refurbishment works. Our abseil technicians also had to carefully remove the solar shading panels to the work area so that the defective glass could be removed effectively.

Once the abseilers had completed these initial works, GG Abseil were able to team up alongside our sister company, Glazing Refurbishment, to complete the replacement of the 6 defective high level glazing units.

We utilised an on-site cradle access system and hoist attachment, as well as multiple IRATA trained abseil technicians, to complete the works. Alongside this cradle access and hoist attachment, we also operated specialist lifting equipment due to the size of the glazing units which included a minifor winch and a glass suction lifter.

Working in a team that included IRATA trained abseil technicians, crane and suction operators, internal glazing operatives and glazing operatives in the cradle, the works were completed on time and in budget for another satisfied client.

Another Week – Another High Level Emergency Make Safe

GG Abseil Technicians were recently called to a client’s address in central London to carry out a same day emergency make safe of a high level glazing unit. This is a regular client who we have a large ongoing maintenance contract with, so we are very familiar with the site and recommended for the works to be conducted using IRATA trained technicians as a result.

The breakage was a result of a part of a building contract that was out of our client’s control, some damage was inflicted on the glazing face of one of the sides of their building. This obviously needed immediate rectification to make the environment safe for both the client’s staff on site and the general public below.

Working in a team of two, our IRATA trained abseil technicians were able to complete the works in a single working day with no disruption to the client’s normal working day, nor to the street below. The ability to access glass at height is one of the many advantages to using Abseil Technicians for projects such as these. Not needing to erect scaffolding is also incredibly useful, especially when the glass that needs replacing is at height as erecting a scaffold tower to height can be expensive and time consuming.

This emergency make safe will be the first phase of the works which will include the full replacement of the high level glazing unit to a good standard.

Same Day Emergency Make Safe

Our Abseil Team were recently contacted by one of our regular clients with an emergency high level make safe request following the breakage of a glazing unit at high level.

Due to the nature of the emergency, the client required an immediate response from the GG Abseil team, who needed to make the area safe for our client’s site staff. We utilised our extensive portfolio of IRATA trained Level 3 Abseil Technicians and were able to be on site the same day to complete the emergency make safe works.

The breakage was at high level, which meant that specialist access and training was required to reach the glass in order to make it safe. Our highly trained IRATA abseil technicians descended down the side of the glazing face in a team of 2 to assess the damage. They were then able to safely apply external safety film to the defective glazing unit and make the area safe ready for the replacement unit to be installed at a later date.

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