Project Description
Scope of Work: Removal of Glazing & Louver Prep
Mode of Access: Abseil
Location: Poole
Team Size: 4
Duration: March 2017

Working for a worldwide renowned blue-chips company, GG Abseil Operatives teamed up with our Glazing Refurbishment division to work towards completing the controlled removal of numerous glass units in preparation for new louvers to be installed at the commercial site in Poole.

Due to the sites challenging access requirements abseil technicians were utilised to aid with the glass removals as the abseil access method frees the requirement for any large machinery and complex scaffolding being set-up.

Our latest site pictures depict GG Abseil Service’s technicians assisting with the controlled glass removals and preparation works to the external building face.

These works formed part of a large refurbishment project to the site.