Emergency Make Safe

When an overhead glass breakage occurs, safety always has to be a priority, particularly with high level and overhead glazed applications. The quickest way to effectively make safe a glass unit at height or in a difficult to access area is to deploy our Rope Access team to site to undertake the operation.

The defective glass panel or unit will need to be replaced but in the interim we offer an emergency call out service to ensure that any defective glass or framework is temporarily made safe whilst the new glass unit is manufactured.

This service includes the removal of broken glass and damaged framework, preparation of the aperture, installation of temporary boarding and weatherproofing, checking of all glazing and framework, weather flashings and vents that interface the damaged glazed area.

Upon completion of the emergency make safe works we will provide a fully bound technical audit and report to include; full detailed glass specification identifying specialist body tints, production sizes for replacement purposes, details of gasketry, fixings & dimensions for any damaged framework to include paint finish and colour allowing the client the option of putting the replacement works out to full competitive tender.


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