Failure Investigation Works

At anytime glazing and cladding can fail for a variety of reasons, when first noticed, the glazing needs to be investigated immediately and this is where rope access has its advantages.

Utilising our trained commercial building specialists, we will undertake a photographic, intrusive analysis and testing of the installed components and associated glazing or cladding systems. Opting for abseil to reach the glazing face results in quicker response times, easier access and reduced costs for our clients.

Upon completion of our failure investigation works, our client will be provided with an in-depth written report including:

  • Photographic evidence of the defects discovered
  • Severity grade of defects identified
  • Detailed drawings
  • Full costed, comprehensive quotation detailing all required remedial works

We understand that every project is different, therefore our failure investigation works are tailored to suit your individual requirements.

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