We have recently taken on a bespoke large scale project for a client in central London. This is the removal and replacement of 6No defective double glazing units on the external façade of the building.

The glass in question has a specialist frit detail which meant that the external façade of the building has a specific aesthetic look. As such, the client had a vested interested in ensuring there was continuity in the building’s look once the 6 units had been replaced. By utilising our extensive network of European glass manufacturers, we were able to procure the bespoke glass for the project and ensure there is no change to building’s external façade.

In the initial stages, our team of IRATA trained abseil technicians made their way down the external face of the building to assess the defective glass and prepare the building for the refurbishment works. Our abseil technicians also had to carefully remove the solar shading panels to the work area so that the defective glass could be removed effectively.

Once the abseilers had completed these initial works, GG Abseil were able to team up alongside our sister company, Glazing Refurbishment, to complete the replacement of the 6 defective high level glazing units.

We utilised an on-site cradle access system and hoist attachment, as well as multiple IRATA trained abseil technicians, to complete the works. Alongside this cradle access and hoist attachment, we also operated specialist lifting equipment due to the size of the glazing units which included a minifor winch and a glass suction lifter.

Working in a team that included IRATA trained abseil technicians, crane and suction operators, internal glazing operatives and glazing operatives in the cradle, the works were completed on time and in budget for another satisfied client.